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Kosmos Sighthounds

Specialising in Italian Greyhounds

Based in Alice Springs, Kosmos Sighthounds is home to a pack of very spoiled Italian Greyhounds & Whippets (iggies & whippies!) who are a vital part of the family. As well as enjoying time at home, the Kosmos hounds compete successfully at shows and occasionally participate in other dog sporting activities.  At Kosmos we are very proud of our hounds, and enjoy showing them off and introducing people to these wonderful breeds. If you see us out and about, please come and say G'day.

Breeding has been rare and very selective, with just under 20 years between the first two Kosmos litters!  Since then however, I've speeded up somewhat.  These dogs are too hard to resist and I enjoy sharing the joy of owning them with others.

The first Kosmos litter was nine beautiful whippets born on 26 September 1996:  K.Alpha, K.Aloysius, K.Cato (Rugby), Ch K.Cleopatra (Cleo), K.Desert Dweller, K.Piccolo, K.Tabitha, K.Tallulah & K.Tinkerbelle.  Rugby and Cleo stayed with me for their entire lives and to this day I miss them both and wish dogs did not have a shorter lifespan than our own.

The Diamond litter of seven delightful iggies arrived on 7 November 2015.  They are all named after famous diamonds:  K.Golden Jubilee, K.Archduke Joseph, K.Heart Of Eternity (Bonnie), Ch K.Florentine (Clyde), K.Winston Blue (Kholo), K.Koh I Noor (Sienna) & K.Korloff Noir.  This time Kholo and Sienna stayed with me while Bonnie and Clyde remain in my immediate family, living with Ashleigh and James in Adelaide.  My other three precious babies are in the most wonderful homes.

The Angels were born on 12 June 2017.  Their names honour the their sister Kosmos Angelica, who left for the Rainbow Bridge just hours after she was born.  Both  K.Angel On My Shoulder (Eddie) & Kosmos Kissed By An Angel (Lizzie) have remained in my immediate family.

31 October 2018 saw the arrive of the Decimettes, a week early.  Supermum Goldie gave birth to an amazing ten puppies and no wonder they were a week early, she could not have carried that load a moment longer.  Kosmos Ada Minnie gained her wings at just a few days old, but the other nine thrived with the help of supplemental bottle feeding.  They are K.Allegro, K.Allegretto, K.Adagio, K.Andantino, K.Acapella, K.Tarantella (Blaze), K.Tessitura, K.Moderato, K.Timbre (Flynn) and are now happily bringing their owners tremendous joy.  This time I did well, and only kept Blaze and Flynn.

Just a week later on 7 November 2018 the Metallicas arrived:  K.Capelli Dargento (Sassy), K.Immerso Nelloro (Ivy), K.Filo Doro, K.Argento Massicio (Sterling).  Kosmos Tiny Dancer only survived a few days before gaining her wings.  Sassy, Ivy and Sterling remain in my immediate family.

The Guild arrived on 17 November 2019:  K.Showstopper, K.Take A Bow, K.Curtain Call, K.Standing Ovation.  Despite huge temptation, I managed to allow all four to go to others.  Three went to families who already have Kosmos pups from last year's litters.

The reality is that all my puppies remain in the Kosmos family, a family of wonderful people who have become firm friends and who have taken Kosmos pups into their homes.  When a breeder entrusts you with one of their babies, you become a part of their family.

I am not sure when the next litter of Kosmos babies will arrive but I do have some plans, so it all depends on whether or not the dogs agree with those plans.  If you would like to be considered for a Kosmos pup in future, please send me an email and request a puppy questionnaire, or download the questionnaire from my Puppies Page.  Or contact me via Facebook Messenger, which I find a handy way of communicating.  Puppies will only ever go to the very best of loving homes.  New owners become part of the Kosmos family and I hope to keep in touch with my pups for the rest of their lives.

I may not answer enquiries immediately (life and work gets in the way!) and sometimes I miss emails completely.  But I do try to respond to all equiries at some point>  please be a little bit patient and I apologise sincerely to anyone who has contacted me that I have not replied to at all due to emails/messages getting lost in the large volume of emails and spam that head my way.