I am a single operator business offering extremely affordable rates.
Ideally suited to contract clients requiring minimal hours of work.
Web and related services provided on or off your site, and/or via the internet.

Services offered:

  • Simple web page creation & maintenance
  • Typing and document preparation
  • All office administrative duties
  • IT sales & support (email troubleshooting a speciality)
  • Personalised training in the use of MYOB, Microsoft and other software packages

Where & How?

  • I specialise in services provided via the internet
  • Communication with cleints can be via email, telephone or both
  • On-site services are available in Alice Springs
  • Paperwork can be collected and delivered within Alice Springs
  • Data can be delivered and returned via email or post

Contact me for more information & prices

This site is continually being updated and improved and was last updated on 27 August 2014

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